Proudly Serving St. Paul and area since 1949

Our Services

At the St. Paul Veterinary Clinic, we treat every animal with respect and as a unique case. We are proud to offer a variety of services for small and large animals depending on your needs. Our top three services are: small animal care, farm calls, and surgeries.

Small Animal Services

  • Spay/neuter
  • Dental
  • Mass removal
  • Laceration repairs, quill removal
  • Nutrition

Large animal services

  • C-sections
  • Prolapses
  • Semen testing
  • Calving / obstetrical
  • Pregnancy diagnosis

Other Services


Caring for your animal doesn’t stop with an appointment; we are dedicated to providing you with all that you need to take care of them at home. Our retail products are brought in to meet the needs of the patients. From pet beds, kennels and carriers to grooming tools and toys, we can help you find what you need. If there is a specific item that you are looking for, ask our helpful receptionists and they can see if we can order it in.


Our pharmacy carries products for livestock and pets alike, and we are here to help recommend the best medication for your animal based on its effectiveness and their history. We carry many common prescription medications and can order them based on our vet’s treatment prescription.

Nutrition Counselling

Ensuring your pet’s health is our top priority. For cats and dogs, our nutrition counselling services offer you tips to help with disease prevention, and how to understand labels to make the best choice for your pet’s needs and price point. Together with your veterinarian, we can create a personalized nutrition plan to maintain a healthy weight for your pet.