Shauna Cox


Shauna Cox grew up in Montreal and Toronto, and shortly after meeting her husband Roger, she moved to St. Paul for work. Shauna has an honors BA in psychology (could that explain her ability to stay cheerful, no matter what we throw at her?), and a post-graduate certificate in Autism & Behavioral Sciences. She came to work at the St. Paul Veterinary Clinic in July 2011. With her love of animals, the veterinary clinic was a dream-come-true for her.

In addition to her husband Roger, she has a family of pets, Riley & Roxey (2 Jack Russell Terriers), and Cottonbear & PussyBear (2 cats). Shauna enjoys spending time with her family & friends, hiking with her dogs, reading, writing, watching movies, camping, travelling and swimming. Shauna feels she’s found a true home in St. Paul & looks forward to more years at the clinic.  Shauna and Roger welcomed a baby boy into their family in February, 2019, and we all enjoy watching him grow!