Dr. Anita Hellquist


Dr. Anita Hellquist was born on Vancouver Island, but ended up moving several times throughout her childhood to different farms across BC and Alberta as her family built up a large farming operation. She began her preveterinary sciences at Grande Prairie College, and studied 3rd yr in Sciences at the U of A before attending WCVM at the U. of Sask. In 1991, Anita married her classmate Craig, and after a year of travel they settled into St. Paul. She continued doing locum work in Wainwright, but then left to concentrate on raising their family of three.

Once their children started school, Anita volunteered for 8 years at the local animal shelter, providing vaccinations and health exams, and more recently has pursued an interest in animal behavioral medicine, as well as developing a small retail area in the clinic. Anita enjoys gardening, watching her childrens’ sports, and hiking and camping with family.