Retail Section

We are regularly bringing in new products to meet the needs and wishes of our clients and patients. This spring be sure to stop by and check out our retail area as we bring in new products chosen by veterinarians, and move 2015 inventory. Currently we have a great selection of pet beds, kennels and carriers at very competitive pricing.  We also carry a wide range of great quality collars and harnesses, food bowls, and ecofriendly nontoxic Biogroom grooming products.  The fun variety of dog and cat toys and chew products are carefully selected by veterinarians!IMG_2914


Your cat will love Purina Veterinary Diet 85g (one serving) cans in Maintenance Formula for Cats, or Kitten formulation.  In the animal world these are known as “kitty crack”.  Fortunately this is a reliably balanced and nutritious moist food, and the one serving size is very convenient.   It is a great idea to feed both moist and dry food to kittens, as it helps them remain well hydrated, and improves acceptance of moist food should they need it to address health issues as an older cat.

For puppies we carry Nylabone Healthy Edibles, available in flavors such as Lamb & Apple or Turkey & Sweet Potato, a safe and nutritious crunchy bone shaped treat. It can be difficult to find safe nutritious treats for puppies, many present choking hazards or can be damaging to new teeth. We also carry a number of safe non-edible Nylabone puppy chews for longlasting enjoyment.

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Are you looking for something special?  Visit our Links at the bottom of this page to view our retail catalog.  (Note that this site works best with Google Chrome). Make a shopping list of items you would like, and bring it in to us. (The site asks for your name, phone no. and email address, which must be filled out to print your list, but is not submitted to us.) If we don’t have it in stock, we can order it for you (with prepayment), and receive it within 1 to 2 days, with no extra shipping charges!

If you can’t find an item, have look at the Anipet website. We do place special orders with Anipet once we have sufficient items to place an order. Just ask us, and we can give you an approximate time frame.